Monday, March 21, 2005

Socha Na Tha

Last week or so, I was invited to the premier show of Socha Na Tha. The movie is produced by Dharmendra's Vijyeta Films. The film is a 'launch' vehicle for another star kid, Abhay Deol. I think he is Dharam pappji's nephew or something like that.The film essentially show cases the director's skill. It’s been directed by a rather young man called Imtiaz Ali. The twists and turns are fresh and rather new to hindi cinema despite the predictability of the finale. Its Dil Chata Hai..ish film. The characterization is also in tune with the recent hindi film's progress about the reality of urban, metropolitan life. The actor is really very ugly and just about competent, the actress is supposed to be very hot from even before the film, she won the best debutant award at the Filmfare awards for 2004. A couple of songs are really well done...especially one in Goa. I want to mention the fact that this film potrays with gay abandon, the actress lying to her parents and taking to Goa and the fun to be had in Goa, without any 'achi ladkiyan' aisi nahi karti hain attitude of the normal hindi film. What else, yes in the Interval (a uniquely Indian phenomenon), Dharam pappaji, Sunney Deol, Bobby Deol and the hero of the film came to the theatre and showered us in what was Punjabi for ten minutes with dharam pappji grabbing the microphone from everyone's hands, he had so much to say, but I was told by a high level source that he was not drunk. The film is long and rather winded but I guess it was okay, I did not pay for the tickets, my high level source also gave me a free music CD of the film and I saw the Pappji family all together and on one stage. What else can one ask?

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