Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lucky: No Time for Love

Now, I write the full name to drive home the sheer absurdity of this Salman Khan film. It is a love story set "against the insurgency in St. Petersburg". All these are lines used for the promotion of the film. The third promotional line which I came across somewhere was worse, it was "Bollywood will find love Anywhere" or something to that affect. The girl is obviously an aishwarya look like and on screen it appears that Salman has scared her to tears. She has a nice butt, and I can see no other reason for the producers signing her on. Mithun is also there in the movie, but you will enjoy his presence only, if you have drunk guys watching the film with you, who will shout, Kutte (Mithunda style), whenever he comes on screen, so find a theatre like that. The sets are lavish, a hangover of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The film is badly written, conceived and executed. The actors try to look cool through army fatigues with average cinematography which captures the Russian landscape and architecture in a freakish bollywood manner. Kadar Khan has this funny cameo, where he is an Indian docter settled and married to a Russian, he has Russian looking children!Yet another fuck up!The film uses Mithun Da precisly to evoke memeories of his popularity in the USSR during the cold war years. Amazingly the people from Bollywood who were popular in USSR were just two Raj Kapoor and Mithun. I cannot think of any reason, except that only their films were sent by the Socialist government of India. The songs are a let down, no real dance numbers to revv the sagging audiences morale up, set against a political vacuum, Lucky is a diaster from the opening shot and the funny thing is you can see it coming!

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