Monday, March 21, 2005

Page 3

I just watched Page 3 and considering the reaction the film has evoked, I thought I should have my say. A good tightly knitted film with durable characterisation that do not in my opinion represent the page 3 celebrities as black or white rather the world's dominating shades of grey is given its due. The voice-over technique used in certain sequences and the discourse of the fringe element is expected to provide the 'moral' lens at the page 3 phenomenon which it successfully does. In particular the film is able to capture those transitory moments that determine the paths we negotiate for professional and personal reasons especially when confronted with realities of existence. Also remarkable was the fact that a number of 'neo' characters by Hindi film standards are part of the plot in a matter of fact way, without giving any undue attention to them, like the gay man, or the young girl marrying rich old man or even the Delhi wanna be actress's turn about. The representations of such neo characters are by far superior to what has otherwise been made a big deal in Hindi films. Lastly, Konkana Sen's look and expressions hold the 'morality' of the audiences as well as the film together, its clearly a superb effort on her part.

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