Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Long month, interesting month, a month of pleasure and so much work. I been busy and am not regular at such stuff,though it can be amazing if I could be. but then I have never been regular at anything except probably whiling time away. Whatever, the horoscopes say, I dont know but I have had an interesting turn of life this time around and its pretty too!I was home for a couple of days and the foggy conditions just made the break longer, more stressful though sweet as alls well that ends well. The weather is cold,my jacket warm, the room inviting, food appetising,the workload increasing, can i still complain? But its okay, one shouldnt take things so seriously cause trouble is just ahead a good nice complication!but hell wanna be writers explore life,dont they, so I guess I will and I cannot see a circumstance where I wouldnt do it.......till I visit good.

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