Tuesday, December 21, 2004

For Graham Greene

I want to open a discussion on Greene. Been a huge fan, and his influence has been such that I am beginining to think as glommily as Greene did in his novels where happiness and pain have material properties. To name one single book is an impossible task for me.Greene is so grabbing that I have to finish the book once i start. I am reading 'A Gun For Sale', in fact just finished it. I love Brighton Rock, The End of the Affair, Power And Glory.For people you have not read him it is a shame at what they have missed out and its never too late to examine the fatal human condition and that happiness and pain are worth thinking about or even the "catholic" in all of us that Greene so succinctly brings forth. I have not read Travels with my aunt, though The End of the affair was thoroughly intense read. I would recommend The Quiet American, Power and Glory and Brighton Rock,A gun for Sale and The heart of the Matter, which was brilliant. Pick up any other Greene that you may come across. A few advantages of reading Greene are precis prose, nothing extra and it is tidy and neat.Greene died about ten years ago. Graham Greene was British. He wrote quiet profusely. I would suppose he had over 20-25 books in all which involved travel books and fiction as well as a number of Short stories. The most famous of his books could be 'The Quiet American' set in Vietnam during the conflict years. The other famous one is 'The End of the Affair', said to be autobiographical and set during the London Blitzkreig in 1942(?).

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