Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's the fuss about Slumdog Millionaire? and other things...

I am at home as it's my semester break and there is not much do you can do in Patna. I watch TV, shoot sh*t and appear to be busy.

We shifted into the area we live in Patna in the year 1997, more than a decade ago. It was part of my father's retirement plans, to have his own house and in Patna, improving the Sinha lot from backwater Chapra.

So, the big news is that, since we shifted here in 1997, the roads are being laid for the first time. The entire lane appears upbeat and excited, we see more of our neighbors and they even talk to each other. Old men are protecting the road, till it dries and is strong, with great enthusiasm. It is important, for most who have been living here since 1988, this is the first time, the road has been built and they realize, that it will never be built for the second time in their life time.

The irony is that it is not even your usual road, with the tar and smooth and all, this is just a concrete construction of gravel, cement and sand. And trust me, we are all thrilled, suddenly, life feels and looks hopeful.

Life feels so different. After all the Pakistan, China, United States and Iraq war, sigh.

So I watch TV, and I notice this fuss about Slumdog Millionaire. Discussions, panel groups, audience voting etcetera. A few things, the fuss happened only after the movie picked up the Golden Globe Awards. Now, they are tying the Booker Winner, White Tiger and this together to make the point that the 'West' only fetes poverty. They then cite Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali, as a case.

Nargis, the much respected Indian actress had also attacked Satyajit Ray in the Parliament of India (she was a nominated member) on this issue. Why?

The controversy started with the Big B's blog entry, where he makes the above point about how the 'west' only sees the poverty aspect of India.

This is ridiculous to say the least. If you look at the media coverage of the past half a decade, we have seen a lot of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. This argument of the 'west' seeing only poverty in India is not an issue. I mean aren't we all individuals? Adiga and Vikas Swarup (who wrote the book Q&A, which was adapted to Slumdog Millionaire), they are Indians.

Lastly, I like Sanjay Dutt and all, but his standing for elections, seems ridiculous to put it mildly.


svety said...

Patna suits u..at least u're writing again :)
I completely get the road miracle story...I miss it too

Citizen Shaker said...

I agree with you! Slumdog is unnecessary controversy. It is exaggerated, like say a Harry Potter or SRK-romantic film is. And the happy ending makes it a conventional film - not some real docu-drama.