Wednesday, May 16, 2007

405 The Movie

One afternoon, I was in an auto rickshaw coming down Africa Avenue in Chanakyapuri. This is just before Chanakya Cinema when you are expected to hit the roundabout. The Sardarji autowallah had me moving to his lurchy pace and jerky acceleration when something happened. We heard this terrific-larger-than-life sound which prompted a return to basics and both of us crouched in our respective positions with the vehicle meandering to the sidewalk. The sound gave the impression that a jet plane was going to land on the auto and the moment was merely a breath away. For those few seconds/milli seconds, I didnt have the time to be scared but I knew what it felt ike to be scared of unseen presence. The adrenalin rush soon passed and considering the sheer ordinariness and sameness that characterizes life or make that my life, the overwhelming sound turned out to be one of those sleek high speed cars zomming past us!

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Shalini said...

I think you should take off that 'read more' link.... Grrrrr! why did you stop there? u could have written more...I was thinking more like a gun shot from some Jaat Bhai....