Friday, February 17, 2006

No Entry

I watched this film a while back and apologise for the delay in writing about it. Most of you following the Indian media would be aware that this year the most successful films have been bawdy comic films. The comic element in this movies have been largely related to man-woman relations or rather extremely voyeristic in nature. Thus, no entry too is about some guys, dealing with cheating their wives or gf's and the kick we as an audience are expected to get out of it. Salman in almost a guest like appearance rules...he appears to be playing the role, which comes naturally to me and despite the presence of Anil Kapoor, a seasoned veteran near Salman, shines through in his shortish presence. Some of the lines or the situations are extremely uncomical while some especially the comedy of errors towards the end are seriously funny lines. The lot is interesting even if not very original. I doubt if even god can make Fradeen Khan act.But he has his soft looks to get by. Bipasha Basu is not bad in her role as the prostitute/seductress/temptress.

I would like to mention that in Hindi films we have always had a number of character actors in comic roles who despite their short screen time leave an indelible impression. The guy in love with Bipasha does that in this movie, even if he is relegated to the margins when he shares screen presence with the stars. But what is amazing is that despite their marginalisation, this actors have a better sense of timing.My emphasis here appears to be on timing as, I have been told that in slapstick humour, the key element is timing!

The movie is rather adult(orous), I kept wondering what would children think of it. The humour is well of the 'below the belt' category. I also wondered what women thought of the movie, as its premise is you can cheat on your woman, all you have to do is be smart and creative(!) about it. The few women I have
talked to also have liked the film, which does leave me confused.

This was written orginally on 25 October 2005.

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