Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Indian Prisoners in Iraq and their release(the untold story)!

Media reports that the release of the Indian prisoners in Iraq had more to do with the influence of Amitabh Bachchan, Asha Parekh and Dharmendra than the efforts of the Ministry of External Affairs(due apologies to the efforts of the Indian government). It appears that the Iraqi Nationalist (no they aint terrorists as the US government would like to call them)leader, who held these people captives was a big fan of the above mentioned actors. We have information that the reach of Hindi films occupies the vast swathe from Morrocoo to Japan (kuch kuch hota hai was a runaway hit ). Last heard from a friend that in Sri Lanka Hum Tum was running to packed houses in the eighth week. In Pakistan, there popularity doesnt need to be proven as is the situation in Afghanistan where a rumour that Aamir Khan was dead was greeted with grave consternation. A reference in Paul Theraoux's "Riding the Iron Rooster'(a book about travels in China in the early 1980's)has an incident wherein a Chinese taxi driver taking the author from Golmud to Lhasha had just one tape with him and the song being repeated was, I am a Disco Dancer from the movie by the same name starring Mithun da.They say the gurls in Latvia(guys, the ratio of men to women in Latvia is supposed to be 1:6), when they see anyone with South Asian features start crooning, Jimmy Jimmy JImmy, aaja aaja aaja, from the movie Disco Dancer. There are countless other such anecdotes one hears and reads, what is this secret wherein language fails to be barrier and the sloppy badly made hindi films appeal to such a large section of the world with such varied cultures,religions, languages and races even fighting off the hegemony of techinally better Hollywood films.

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