Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Hi, I am here to register myself to have a proof of my existence and to add to the body of writings in the world and the internet in particular. I am busy with work these days, work would essentially mean attending office which I have invariably reached late through this first month of appointment. Various things are lined up in the coming two weeks. I am expected and want to go home for an extended weekend before the year is out. I am hoping my research proposal is passed by the faculty this week. I need to get down to reading have not been reading for a week or so. And then there is a lot of pleasure up for grabs in these coming days, atleast that is what I assume. I will like to end here as i believe that a quiet debut is better than a loud earth shattering entry. I believe the above in the hope that a quiet debutant works and labours and climbs and gets to a stage where the journey from the start to the finish is reflected in him or his work in this case writings.

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